Control your UGC production from idea to edit

Storyboard builder

Create a storyboard that details the shots you need for your video
  • 100+ proven storyboard templates
  • Customizable prompts
  • Inspiration videos 

Creator app

iPhone app for creators to review storyboards, film  and submit content
  • Video timer to ensure pacing
  • Example videos for creators
  • Easy uploading to BeeRoll

Creator search

Search from 10,000+ creators and invite them to film for your brand
  • All creators vetted by BeeRoll
  • Filters for age, gender, location, interests
  • Video portfolios
  • Social profile links​

Video editor

The BeeRoll editor takes raw content and splices it into ready-made ads.
  • Reformatting (vertical, square etc)
  • Cut downs (e.g., 10 seconds)
  • Anthems (multiple users)
  • Access to all your raw footage