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BeeRoll works with huge global companies, growing startups and companies doing their first video ever! They are all looking for creators that can tell authentic stories about their products.

How it works

BeeRoll makes it easy for you to quickly apply to work with brands and get paid in both cash and product!

Apply to brands

Search our open campaigns and apply with your rate.

Receive product

If approved, you will receive gifted product in the mail.

Film content

Upload your raw footage to the BeeRoll app. That's it!

Get paid

You will be paid in cash (PayPal) within 14 days.


Upload your raw footage (NO editing necessary)

BeeRoll's iPhone app lists the shots you need to complete (e.g., talking points and visuals). No need to sit around planning out content and then hours editing it! Upload raw footage and you're done!


Apply to as many campaigns as you like

New campaigns are added weekly. You can apply to any campaign that you think you'd be a fit for with whatever rate works for you. Brands will also send you invites if they'd like to partner!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do brands pay?

Brands will list the prices they are targeting. You can bid whatever you like and the brand can decide! Our rule of thumb is $100 per video (which includes roughly 12-15 raw clips). Some jobs will be for less (~$50) and will be for (~$200). Creator rates vary based on (1) the work required to make the content, (2) your skill level and (3) the value of your product.

Do I have to post to social?

No! Most campaigns are for content only. Some brands may request a social post and you can provide a rate if it is something you are interested in.

How do I get accepted by brands?

Your profile is essential to being selected. All profiles are vetted before being presented to brands. Make sure you have videos that show you talking and demoing products to have the best chance!

How will my content be used?

Most brands are using content for paid ads and sometimes for organic usage (e.g., on their Instagram Feed).

How will I be paid?

Via paypal within 14 days!

Do you have an Android app?

Unfortunately BeeRoll only works on iPhones and iPads. We do not have near term plans for an Android app.

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