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Choose your plan

Plans for all editing and content needs.

A La Carte

Go one video at a time! No subscription required.

$79 / video

1 creator at a time

Limited creator access

Unlimited creators

Unlimited creators

60 seconds of footage

1 edit per creator

$30 for extra edits


Monthly subscription for teams looking to source more content and test out ad whitelisting

$399 / month

Unlimited creators

Full access to 10K+ creators

360 seconds of footage

3 edits per creator

$20 for extra edits

2 whitelisting accounts

White glove

Our team does it all for you. We build custom storyboards, bring in creators and custom edit all footage.

$899 / month

Unlimited creators

Full access to 10K+ creators

720 seconds of footage

10 edits per creator

$10 for extra edits

10 whitelisting accounts

Creative support

Custom edits

Creator Costs

$50-250 / creator

Creator costs vary based on level of effort for video and creator skill level. Includes 10% transaction fee.

What does the platform fee cover?

Use of our storyboarding platform and creation of optimized video edits that you can run on social media, website etc.

Why the range in creator payments?

Creators will bid for your projects based on their video skill level and subject matter expertise. They will also take into account level of difficulty / time involved in completing your project.  

What is an edit?

Our pro editing team edits your favorite content together into a 5-60 second video including text overlays, end-cards and music. Edits are optimized for ad performance.

How do content licenses work?

All plans grand six month licenses to content. After six months, you can buy out perpetual rights from each creator at a rate set by the creator. Licenses include full digital usage. Use for TV / non-digital outlets to be negotiated on a case by case basis.

What if the content doesn't turn out how I expected?

If you are not satisfied with your videos after 30 days, we will refund all Platform and Transaction Fees!

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