Pricing Plans

Build storyboards, match with creators and receive professionally edited videos
# of videos
Platform fee
Payment per creator
(plus 10% processing fee)
Editing templates
Raw footage per submission
License period
A La Carte
Source one video at a time to test things out
$149 / video
$149 billed up front
Up to 1
Up to 30 seconds
Six months
$50-250 / video
More creators and more editing templates
$99 / video
$990 billed every six months
$50-250 / video
Up to 4
Up to 60 seconds
One Year
Scale Up
More footage and robust AB testing
$2,380 billed every six months
Up to 10
Up to 360 seconds
One Year
$119 / video
$50-250 /  video


What does the platform fee cover?
Use of our storyboarding platform and creation of optimized video edits that you can run on social media, website etc.
Why the range in creator payments?
Creators will bid for your projects based on their video skill level and subject matter expertise. They will also take into account level of difficulty / time involved in completing your project.  
What is an edit?
Our pro editing team edits your favorite content together into a 5-60 second video including text overlays, end-cards and music. Edits are optimized for ad performance.
How do content licenses work?
As long as you stay on the platform, your licenses remain active. Should you want to cancel, licenses expire after 30 days. You can buy them out for $100 per video. Licenses include full digital usage. Use for TV / non-digital outlets to be negotiated ona case by case basis.
What if the content doesn't turn out how I expected?
If you are not satisfied with your videos after 30 days, we will refund all Platform and Transaction Fees!