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BeeRoll Official Rules


Updated 4/26/2021

BeeRoll is a mobile platform that connects everyday consumers with their favorite brands, agencies and other companies (our “Clients”) to shoot authentic video advertising on their phones.  Our app allows you to create stories of how you interact with brands everyday and submit them to contests for prizes (cash and rewards from our participating Clients). 

These Official Rules form a binding legal agreement between you and BeeRoll with respect to each and every Campaign in which you participate.  You must follow all instructions and submit your entries to be considered in a Campaign.

Any contest is administered by BeeRoll and is a skill-based contest and chance plays no part in the determination of the winner(s).  Apple has no involvement in the administration of the contests and payment or distribution of prizes.

These Official Rules provide the general rules applicable to all Campaigns administered by BeeRoll, and each Campaign may have additional rules located on the "Campaign Details" page, which supplement these Official Rules. Any reference in these Official Rules to "Official Rules" with respect to any Campaign shall be deemed to be a reference to these Official Rules and the Campaign Details Pages for such Campaign, taken as a whole. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between these Official Rules and the rules or other information provided on the Campaign Details Pages for any Campaign, the rules or such other information posted on the Campaign Details Pages shall govern. These Official Rules may be modified from time to time by BeeRoll without any notice to any Member (as defined below), and any such modifications shall be effective as of the date they are posted on the BeeRoll Web site located at (the "Website").

Eligibility: Campaigns are open only to natural persons, seventeen (17) years or older at the time of entry (or the age as otherwise specified for a particular Campaign on such Campaign's Campaign Details Pages), who are registered users of the Website (each, a "Member"). All references in these Official Rules to "You" (including references to "Your") are to you, in your capacity as a Member. A minor (for these purposes, a person under 18 years of age, or 19 years of age if such person resides in Nebraska or Alabama or under 21 years of age in Mississippi, at of the time of entry) submitting an entry for a Campaign must receive his/her parent/legal guardian's permission and include his/her parent's/legal guardian's name and contact information on the official entry form where indicated. If a minor wins a prize, the prize shall be awarded to the minor's parent or guardian, who must execute the required documentation on the minor's behalf as a condition to the payment by BeeRoll of any prize money.

Campaigns: The entry periods for each Campaign, or the various Campaign phases, will be stated on the Campaign Details Pages for the Campaign. BeeRoll reserves the right to extend the deadline for submission of entries for any Campaign, or Campaign phase. BeeRoll reserves the right to suspend or cancel any Campaign, or Campaign phase, due to a lack of qualified entries, and upon the occurrence of an event rendering the Campaign impossible or contrary to the law as determined in BeeRoll's sole and absolute discretion. However, Sponsor is not able to cancel for convenience once a Campaign is live on the Website.

Prizes / compensation: Each Campaign will serve as a contest where users are competing for compensation and prizes in the form of either cash, physical products or coupons / discounts.  Campaigns will generally (but not always) include distinct prizes: (1) approval prize for content approved by the Client, (2) Grand prize for the winner of the campaign and (3) Runner Up for second prize, subject to criteria outlined below.  The number or prizes to be given out will be stated for each campaign within the BeeRoll application.  

Approval criteria: To be eligible for compensation or a prize, all or part of your submission must be used in a final advertisement accepted and claimed by a client.  Any content submitted will be approved for both approved payment and grand prizes by including, but not limited to BeeRoll editorial staff, Client representatives, the BeeRoll user community.  Criteria will be specified as part of all campaigns based on either creativity, quality, effectiveness, ad performance metrics and other methods.


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